Wrong turn (or train) 

You know what this is? 

Chuo-Sobu Line

This is an empty train. In Tokyo. At rush hour. 

You know why this train is empty? Because it reached its final station. And it’s not my station. Apparently, thinking about everything and nothing while on the subway makes you take the wrong train and stay on it till the end. So now I’m trying to get back to my station (or at least somewhere close to it). 

In other words, I took Chuo-Sobu train instead of Tozai train and realized my mistake on the very last station and only because it got suspiciously empty. 

Journey home: 90 minutes instead of 30. But hey, at least I like the subway! 😉  


Oh how I missed traveling on the subway. I spent last few days exploring my neighborhood on foot and now I’m on the subway to Asakusa (going to Sensō-ji) and I love it (because I love people-watching). I wish I could take pictures of people around me but I guess they wouldn’t like that 😉