Remember how I said I didn’t mind rain? Well, now I do. My shoes are soaked, I’m soaked, where is my lovely snow, I miss it. 

It’s raining so hard that my phone’s touchscreen is failing. This is why this photo is so blurry.

I spent my (early) morning watching the telly (because apparently, you don’t watch TV in London ;)) and trying to avoid BBC Sherlock spoilers. At which I failed. But I’m blaming the telly, the presenter said there wouldn’t be any spoilers and then showed a clip that was Sherlock’s equivalent of “I’m your father, Luke.”

Now I’m on my way to a study meeting with a friend. Which reminds me: I forgot his rice tea! Fortunately, I brought it with me to London but it’s sitting comfortably on the shelf under the telly. (This is to remind me to bring it with me next time we meet!) 

Victoria :) 

I’m in London. It’s raining. Who would have thought… ? 😉 

Anyway, it’s nice to be back. Everything is so familiar, even the rain. I’m taking Victoria line to Oxford Circus Station (not my favorite line but I really like OC Station) and then Central line to Northolt Station. As always, I keep forgetting that Brits call subway the tube/underground. So confusing. 
(But it’s not cold, the weather is perfect for my not-winter-shoes!) 

I’m singing in the rain… 

Ok, maybe not singing. But there are some murmurs involved. And the rain is real (it’s been raining for days).

somewhere in the vicinity of Harajuku Station

I’m on my way to Yoyogi Hachimangu Shrine where there is a festival today (or at least that’s what the Internet is telling me). I’m not sure what to expect. Are all festivals like the one I went to last week? Is it really fun to go to a festival when it’s raining? I hope so.
There is one more awesome thing about my plans for today: I’m going to this Shrine via Meiji Jingu grounds!

Meiji Jingu’s torii

So that’s gonna take a while 😉