Grim reminder (keep your software updated)

You know that feeling you get when you’re working on something you are sick of and there are approximately 3 hours of work left and your program stops responding and it’s 1 am? And then it says that there is no auto-saved version of your document because you should’ve updated that software long ago?


And my fridge is so loud!

Napping is like travelling through time (to the future)

My let’s-kill-the-jet-lag plan is working (sort of)! Yesterday I went to sleep around 11 pm like a normal person! Unfortunately, my body does not like being called normal so I woke up between 4 or 5 am. Tried everything I could think of (mental exercises, counting, breathing slowly, breathing fast, taking a shower…) to force myself into falling asleep one more time but nope. That was it.

be sleepy_friends
This DOES NOT work… (Friends)

But it still felt great not to start a day at night. AND I managed to do some work which means that in 3 hours I’m gonna be a free person with all my projects completed! Yippee!

So to celebrate all that I took a nap. And as naps are like time travels, my no-more-work-happiness moved in time (to the future). I had some weird dream (REM phase, yay!) about running away from robots (I blame my loud fridge) but my energy levels are spiking again. An hour’s nap turned me from this:

sleepy work_hyouka
anime: Hyouka

into this:

let's go_Kara no Kyōkai_garden of sinners
Ready to kick some… I mean… Ready to work! [anime: Kara no Kyokai (The Garden of Sinners)]
So three more hours of hard work and after that, a walk around my neighborhood! This time, in comfortable shoes!

Update: I’ve just realized that it’s gonna be dark in 3 hours so I’m going out now 🙂

First day in Tokyo

OK, so I was going to post a picture of my apartment slash room slash kitchen yesterday but I was dead tired and went to sleep after going through my suitcase like a lunatic (couldn’t find my towel – I swear I put it on a top when packing) so I have only one semi-good photo of my apartment (= not littered with my stuff). I’m sitting on my bed here so there is also a bed and a clothes rack on my left + a tiny shower room slash toilet. And while I love my A/C unit (trying not to think about its impact on the environment…), I loathe my fridge! It’s making strange noises all the time (kicking it helps but after 10 to 15 minutes it starts yelling again)! I had to wear earplugs to be able to sleep (and slept 16 hours…). BUT I also have a balcony which is awesome bc I will be able to “experience” Tokyo from above while working on my computer (on not-rainy and not-that-hot days).

It’s raining pretty hard today so I’ll probably just stay in and unpack (properly). I also have to learn how to use my air conditioner (my agent gave me a translation of the remote control but it’s still not easy to identify various Japanese characters) AND how to dispose of household garbage in a Japanese way (fortunately, I have a manual in English). I also got a how-not-to-get-mildewed manual because apparently that’s a real threat.

Oh, and I also caught a Pokémon in my apartment because Japanese Pokémon!!