Kore wa hiragana desu. 

Or: nah nah nah nah nah I can feel new connections forming in my brain because nothing beats learning a new language… 

Making hiragana flash cards 🙂

… while drinking hot chocolate :] 

OK, so maybe it’s not that easy and sometimes it feels more like rewiring my brain than learning (especially when reading/writing hiragana and/or katakana) but I think (hope) it’s just a phase. 

Now I can’t wait to go to Japan and test my new knowledge! 🙂 

We didn’t start the fire

So today was full of unexpected turns of events: starting with the fire drill in the British Library just a few minutes after we entered the building… 

People waiting in the rain for the library to be re-opened

…  being (politely) asked to vacate the booth after we finished drinking hot chocolate (me) and coffee (M.), getting sort-of lost in Piccadilly Circus (talking and thinking at the same time seemed too difficult for us, thank gods we can’t chat during the exam), finding our exam place just to learn that was not our exam place, finding the right exam place after some sightseeing (BBC building and a round tower that probably has a name but I don’t remember it)… 

…  learning some and chatting more, having the most useless computer training session ever, going on a quest (I wanted to buy orange juice in M&S), and ending with a walk to Oxford Circus (and laughing a lot). 
Now I’m on the tube, heading to my cousin’s place. And it’s not raining anymore! 😉