Stayin’ Alive

So I was going through some photos and I found this (taken in Kyoto):

Pension Mind Games, Kyoto

I bet this is where Moriarty spends his vacation (does he even have vacation?).


But seriously, I would love to know more about the reason behind this name. It seems like something was lost in translation, but I might be wrong. I’ve never made an overnight stop in Kyoto, so maybe someday I’ll stay there and ask 🙂

Also: Japan>Poland jet lag isn’t that draining. Japan>Poland weather change is a bit more challenging, but it’s all right. I’m stayin’ alive 😉

Napping is like travelling through time (to the future)

My let’s-kill-the-jet-lag plan is working (sort of)! Yesterday I went to sleep around 11 pm like a normal person! Unfortunately, my body does not like being called normal so I woke up between 4 or 5 am. Tried everything I could think of (mental exercises, counting, breathing slowly, breathing fast, taking a shower…) to force myself into falling asleep one more time but nope. That was it.

be sleepy_friends
This DOES NOT work… (Friends)

But it still felt great not to start a day at night. AND I managed to do some work which means that in 3 hours I’m gonna be a free person with all my projects completed! Yippee!

So to celebrate all that I took a nap. And as naps are like time travels, my no-more-work-happiness moved in time (to the future). I had some weird dream (REM phase, yay!) about running away from robots (I blame my loud fridge) but my energy levels are spiking again. An hour’s nap turned me from this:

sleepy work_hyouka
anime: Hyouka

into this:

let's go_Kara no Kyōkai_garden of sinners
Ready to kick some… I mean… Ready to work! [anime: Kara no Kyokai (The Garden of Sinners)]
So three more hours of hard work and after that, a walk around my neighborhood! This time, in comfortable shoes!

Update: I’ve just realized that it’s gonna be dark in 3 hours so I’m going out now 🙂

Today I don’t feel like doing anything (but I have so much to do, so yeah… no Japan-time for me today)

Back at home, I promised myself that I would deal with my jet lag within the first week. So I have two more days, it’s so good to be me!

anime: Hyouka

I feel kinda bad about constantly whining but I’m really exhausted. Every day I go to bed around midnight, manage to fall asleep around 4 or 5 am and wake up between 1 and 3 pm. This sucks! And today it sucks even more because I misread my work details (I work from home) and what I thought would require 6 hours of my time is going to take me (at least) 16 hours. Deadline is on Monday so I won’t be able to leave my apartment this weekend which is such a waste of time because I’m in effing Tokyo! And this project I’m working on is just so boring that it makes me wanna take a nap or worse: watch Netflix! And I know that I shouldn’t even think about it. So yeah… Not my best weekend.

hyouka_expending energy
anime: Hyouka

On the bright side, I won’t starve because I still have some food supplies and I won’t die of thirst because of my precious vending machine downstairs. Today I bought the usual (Wonda Coffee, 120 ¥), a bottle of water (100 ¥) and my new favorite drink: Mitsuya Cider (120 ¥) which is just too good!

So Japanese: a can with a bottleneck!

P.S. This note is sponsored by my reluctance to get to work. Obviously.



In classic black leather (or why yesterday was both really awesome and painfully terrible)

So yesterday wasn’t really THAT terrible, at least not the whole time. But it did not start well… I couldn’t sleep at night (if someone ever tells you that time difference/jet lag is not a problem, do not believe them!), got sleepy in the morning but decided against going to bed and floated about the house till 2 pm (it was so hot!).

However, I managed to fix my phone camera shutter sound problem! I know that it’s not really a problem but last time I was in Japan, I was able to take photos with my phone without the shutter sound so the loss of this function made me really confused. And, as as an introvert, I would rather bathe in a sea of snails than make myself more noticeable than I already am (being a non-Japanese in Japan). The Internet tells me that in Japan it is required by law that cameras have sounds and as this time I’m using a Japanese SIM card, my phone somehow lost the option of disabling the shutter sound. Yeah. No stealth photos of strange bags, awesome clothes, maybe-but-probably-not-famous people. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, right?

source: online community

Anyway, after spending some quality time struggling with my phone and thinking that I would have to take all the pictures with my camera (which still has a silent mode, thank gods!), I downloaded some nifty no-sound camera app and voilà, I can take stealth photos again! Which is why I have a picture of my apartment complex now (not my floor though, I live on the 3rd floor).

First floor

So I went out around 3 or 4 pm. It was still very hot (probably around 28 – 30 Celsius) but not I’m-gonna-burn-out-your-eyes hot anymore. Did I mention that I have sensitive eyes? 😉

I planned to go to Hamacho Park which is pretty close to my apartment (about 20 minutes on foot), so I dressed for a stroll. And that meant wearing my usual clothes + a pair of relatively new leather sandals. However, after going out I changed my plans and decided on going to one of my favorite places in Tokyo, Kameido Tenjin Shrine – about 70 minutes on foot to the shrine itself + various places to visit along the road (so many people hunting Pokémon!) and my precious little shoes killing my feet = 1.5 h there and 2.5 h back.

So I’m gonna be staying in for a couple of days because yesterday went like that (with some random pictures I took during my long walk there and longer walk back):

I thought these were some good shoes, I thought they had a style.
And so I brought them with me and wore them for a while.
And there was this one long path, a beauty to my eyes.


Strumming my pain with real leather,
(day one, day one)
Stinging my feet with these straps,
(no more, no more)
Killing me softly with sandals,
Killing me softly with sandals,
Taking my whole life with these straps,
Killing me softly with sandals

One of the cheapest vending machines I’ve seen in my neighborhood

I felt all flushed with fever, just stumbling in the crowd,
I felt my feet were burning, wanted to cry so loud.
I prayed that I could stop there but I just had to walk.

Tokyo Skytree

Strumming my pain with real leather,
(day one, day one)
Stinging my feet with these straps,
(no more, no more)
Killing me softly with sandals,
Killing me softly with sandals,
Taking my whole life with these straps,
Killing me softly with sandals

I took this on my way back in some small alley. I forgot to turn off the flash so I just hobbled out of there as fast as I could. Freaky!

I’m pretty sure I’m gonna visit this shrine again, so I will take better pictures then. My feet were already killing me when I reached it yesterday, so I took only a couple of pictures while stumbling on and did not even go closer to the shrine itself to pay my respects, just bowed down from afar (I feel bad about it).

When I was walking back I kept thinking about all these Japanese anime and movies I’ve seen with heroines having sore feet and men carrying them home. Maybe hurting your feet is a thing here?


Oh, and there was one more good thing about that day: I finally managed to buy milk and drunk “normal” coffee this morning!