Kore wa hiragana desu. 

Or: nah nah nah nah nah I can feel new connections forming in my brain because nothing beats learning a new language… 

Making hiragana flash cards 🙂

… while drinking hot chocolate :] 

OK, so maybe it’s not that easy and sometimes it feels more like rewiring my brain than learning (especially when reading/writing hiragana and/or katakana) but I think (hope) it’s just a phase. 

Now I can’t wait to go to Japan and test my new knowledge! 🙂 

Some randomness

There are so many things I want to write about, like this random lady (customer, not personnel) in a supermarket who gave me a coupon in a bread aisle and explained it to me (using Japanese, English, and gestures) that with these stickers every over 100 yen product would cost 20 yen less. That was so unexpected, so strange, and so sweet. I have no idea why me.

Thanks to this kind lady I saved 120 yen! 🙂

Or this random guy working in the same supermarket who says hi and smiles every time I’m there. And yesterday I saw him riding a bike and he greeted me, too. I’m not sure if he’s mistaking me for someone or if he’s just that friendly. But it makes me smile.

Or this random and very confused teenager whom I asked about garbage bins at Tokyo Game Show and who didn’t know any English but still did his best to help me.

Btw, Tokyo Game Show without Japanese = 20% of experience (basically only shops and visuals). But I still got some pretty cool (free)  stuff there 🙂

Fan is especially useful (it’s still so hot!)

And this random and very shy kid in a coffee house who told me “dozo” while I was waiting in line for my coffee which made them mix up our orders (I was supposed to get ice coffee with whipped cream) but I said nothing because explaining that without Japanese was impossible. 


And coffee was great 🙂

(I was writing this on the subway and missed my stop – twice ;))