Today I miss Japan terribly and I can only blame myself for it. Wanderlust has always been part of my life but it’s gotten worse these past few days. My sleep pattern is in shreds, I have trouble focusing on anything and I spend too much time searching for ways to leave. And weather in Poland doesn’t make my life any easier: it’s 17 Celsius below zero at the moment and the temperature is still dropping. No soothing walks for me.

So, to make myself feel better, I spent half of today going through the photos from my visit in Japan last May. Terrible idea! Made me even more miserable. What I would give to be there now…

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Especially as I have no idea when I’ll be able to leave Poland for longer than a week and my next trip is to Scotland, not Tokyo. I should be booking my flight ticket to Glasgow, not trying to find some conferences abroad or Japan-based exchange program for academics.

(Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo)

Well, tbh what I really SHOULD be doing is preparing for teaching uni students as the winter break is almost over, but when the Wanderlust hits me that hard it’s difficult to sit in one place for longer than one hour. So my first class might look a bit like that (minus yellow tentacles):

(Assassination Classroom)

Stayin’ Alive

So I was going through some photos and I found this (taken in Kyoto):

Pension Mind Games, Kyoto

I bet this is where Moriarty spends his vacation (does he even have vacation?).


But seriously, I would love to know more about the reason behind this name. It seems like something was lost in translation, but I might be wrong. I’ve never made an overnight stop in Kyoto, so maybe someday I’ll stay there and ask 🙂

Also: Japan>Poland jet lag isn’t that draining. Japan>Poland weather change is a bit more challenging, but it’s all right. I’m stayin’ alive 😉

So long, and thanks for all the fish

Tonight is my last night in Tokyo (for now), so I’ve decided to treat myself to something I’ve never done before: visit in an aqua park. There’s a reason why I’ve never been to one: I’m against caging wild (or not so wild) animals. So I’m a bit ashamed (especially as I enjoyed it). But I must add that this was also the first time I had ever thought that marine wildlife was so ancient, beautiful, and beyond our understanding. I think places like that might contribute to our knowledge about that what lives in the oceans (by making young people want to become marine biologists).

Anyway, my favorite part of this little trip were jellies.


Out of this world!


There was also a dolphin show. Awesome lighting and sound effects.


P.S. To the Polish couple I met at Nakano Broadway: if you decide to go to Epson Aqua Park, go after five pm. Tickets are cheaper and everything looks so much better after dark! Pozdrowienia! 🙂

Have a nice trip! 

There is something utterly confusing about a toilet telling you to have a nice trip. 

And with toilets here having so many mysterious options,  it kind of feels as if it doesn’t mean trip as in adventure but a very different type of trip. Or maybe that’s just me and my tendency to misunderstand people (and toilets?). 

Now we wish to catch a fish

How about taiyaki and barley tea for dinner? 

Two fishies have some sort of apple filling, one is of a “premium” kind (+10 yen). Premium taiyaki is so much better than apple taiyaki that I actually feel sorry for the latter. 

I ate all three and I think (know) it was too much. Trust me, my precious – never eat that many in one sitting, you’ll regret it. You shall see, oh yes… You shall see. 

So juicysweet! 

Not a haiku

… but definitely some poetry. And yet there is something missing: No smoking / While walking / No littering / While…? 

Thanks to my lousy Internet connection I’ve created my own version of this Tokyo poem as the photo kept uploading for 10 minutes (!):

No smoking
While walking 
No littering 
While capturing 
– Pokémon


I’m singing in the rain… 

Ok, maybe not singing. But there are some murmurs involved. And the rain is real (it’s been raining for days).

somewhere in the vicinity of Harajuku Station

I’m on my way to Yoyogi Hachimangu Shrine where there is a festival today (or at least that’s what the Internet is telling me). I’m not sure what to expect. Are all festivals like the one I went to last week? Is it really fun to go to a festival when it’s raining? I hope so.
There is one more awesome thing about my plans for today: I’m going to this Shrine via Meiji Jingu grounds!

Meiji Jingu’s torii

So that’s gonna take a while 😉