Kakebuton ❤ (or: I’m a caterpillar)

[This is a post I started writing yesterday but forgot to publish.]

Working through the night is tough but I think it’s better than working till 4 am, going to sleep, and returning to work at 9 am (and that’s what I did). But it seems that wrapping yourself in a futon helps a lot!

That’s NOT a good picture!

I already know that with two deadlines today (5 pm and 8 pm) I won’t be going anywhere, but my futon still makes it better. How I’ve managed to live so long without one is beyond me.

anime: Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou


Today I don’t feel like doing anything (but I have so much to do, so yeah… no Japan-time for me today)

Back at home, I promised myself that I would deal with my jet lag within the first week. So I have two more days, it’s so good to be me!

anime: Hyouka

I feel kinda bad about constantly whining but I’m really exhausted. Every day I go to bed around midnight, manage to fall asleep around 4 or 5 am and wake up between 1 and 3 pm. This sucks! And today it sucks even more because I misread my work details (I work from home) and what I thought would require 6 hours of my time is going to take me (at least) 16 hours. Deadline is on Monday so I won’t be able to leave my apartment this weekend which is such a waste of time because I’m in effing Tokyo! And this project I’m working on is just so boring that it makes me wanna take a nap or worse: watch Netflix! And I know that I shouldn’t even think about it. So yeah… Not my best weekend.

hyouka_expending energy
anime: Hyouka

On the bright side, I won’t starve because I still have some food supplies and I won’t die of thirst because of my precious vending machine downstairs. Today I bought the usual (Wonda Coffee, 120 ¥), a bottle of water (100 ¥) and my new favorite drink: Mitsuya Cider (120 ¥) which is just too good!

So Japanese: a can with a bottleneck!

P.S. This note is sponsored by my reluctance to get to work. Obviously.