I don’t care what you believe in

… just believe in it.


I was going to post a long(ish) note about some rather disturbing things happening all over the world this year. But I’m not going to, because today I woke up to find out that Ron Glass passed away. I’ve seen (and heard) him in many productions but to me he will always be Shepherd Book. He brought a great character to life and meant more to Firefly&Serenity fandom  that he would ever know. He’ll be missed.

A leaf on the wind.

No Power in the ‘Verse Can Stop Me

… when I’m wearing my Hulk pants with bunny slippers!


In other words, I’m now a doctoral student learning about philosophy, poetry, and teaching (and science fiction :)), living in a room with no bed, no desk, and no wardrobe (but I have an inflatable air mattress!), having no idea how to combine my studies with being a freelancer AND a traveler (not to mention a geek…), who has just arranged a short stay in London in January and booked a cottage in Scotland for a week in May. So I’m a bit broke. But who needs a real bed, anyway?

(I’m meeting my thesis supervisor on Monday and if he tells me that I should go to that conference in Florida, I’ll have to abandon sleep and start working night shifts in McDonald’s or something.)

My first Japanese laundry: follow-up

Everything went well! I now know how to use a Japanese coin laundry!


Some tips:

  • To use a washing machine: put your laundry and some washing powder in the washing machine, close the lid, insert two 100 yen coins. (Washing cycle takes about 30 minutes.)
  • To use a dryer: put your clothes in the dryer, close the door, insert one 100 yen coin for every 10 minutes of drying.

That’s it. Not exactly rocket science. But I want to believe that seeing this would confuse anyone unfamiliar with this process:


So cheers to Mr B205 who taught me how to operate these machines! Doing laundry is now my favorite household chore 🙂

Oh, and there was a minor quake around noon today. I won’t ever get used to them.