Because a strawberry has secret flavors

After yesterday’s bento dinner I’m eating a very European breakfast: coffee with milk (buying milk is not a problem anymore :)), hot butter rolls and some strawberry jam.


And you should know that this is THE BEST STRAWBERRY JAM I’ve ever eaten (I’m really happy that my mom doesn’t know English ;)). Chocolate cream I bought a week ago was a disaster (still is, it’s in my fridge…), but this jam… This jam is just too good to be true. I’ve seriously considered sending some home but I think that’s against the law. So I took this picture to remember the brand, so I can buy it whenever I’m in Japan.

my precious…

I remember reading somewhere that Japanese strawberries are delicious – well, if they are responsible for this taste, they are more than delicious!

Mmm… noodle soup!

Guess what I’m eating for breakfast? 😉

Mmm… noodle soup! [Friends]
No, it’s not a noodle soup. It’s a morning soup: perfect for rainy mornings. It looks like that:

Morning Soup

I’m not sure I like it – it has a strange taste. But this is the first time I’m eating a corn soup, so maybe I just have to get used to it. I guess it’s better than eating buttered toast.

Weather service says it’s going to be raining all day today which means that instead of going to Ueno Park as I planned, I’ll spend this day cleaning my apartment and working. And that’s just sad.

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