Stayin’ Alive

So I was going through some photos and I found this (taken in Kyoto):

Pension Mind Games, Kyoto

I bet this is where Moriarty spends his vacation (does he even have vacation?).


But seriously, I would love to know more about the reason behind this name. It seems like something was lost in translation, but I might be wrong. I’ve never made an overnight stop in Kyoto, so maybe someday I’ll stay there and ask 🙂

Also: Japan>Poland jet lag isn’t that draining. Japan>Poland weather change is a bit more challenging, but it’s all right. I’m stayin’ alive 😉

You have to massage your husband! 

Just met this extra nice Japanese oldman and we talked about Japan, travels, languages, and the fact that his wife had a massage studio (I got discount!). 

He asked if I had a husband. When I said I was single (decided against specifying I was divorced), he told me that at some point I would have a husband and that I should give this husband massages. OK. So to all of you who are married: massage your husbands 😉 This has got to be the weirdest piece of advice I’ve ever received! All because I helped him with his tray and smiled when he said thank you in English. He said he liked this coffee shop and was a frequent customer which means I might meet him in the future (because I like the place, too)! I’ll have to learn more Japanese by then and do something about my degree because I told him my plans and he was really supportive (for a total stranger) 🙂 


I’ve been in love with Japanese Shinkansen since May and it seems this love is eternal. They are so fast and steady, and so much better than all other means of transport! I would totally ride a shinkansen from Poland to Japan if such an option was available. 

And currently I’m on the Hikari Shinkansen to Kyoto. To buy some green tea there. Because life is full of surprises 🙂 

Car 12, seat 2A

(BTW, I’m going to write a few words about the other half of yesterday’s trip sometime soon, one of my tiny dreams came true on that day!) 

I’m singing in the rain… 

Ok, maybe not singing. But there are some murmurs involved. And the rain is real (it’s been raining for days).

somewhere in the vicinity of Harajuku Station

I’m on my way to Yoyogi Hachimangu Shrine where there is a festival today (or at least that’s what the Internet is telling me). I’m not sure what to expect. Are all festivals like the one I went to last week? Is it really fun to go to a festival when it’s raining? I hope so.
There is one more awesome thing about my plans for today: I’m going to this Shrine via Meiji Jingu grounds!

Meiji Jingu’s torii

So that’s gonna take a while 😉