“It is round, bacteria also lively”

Rain stopped so I went out and found a convenience store (konbini) next to my subway station (Monzen-nakacho), which is awesome. The store is big and well-stocked (especially with fish and seafood) so I managed to find a dairy section with lots of western-looking products. And this is probably where I should point out that I was looking for milk because that’s how I like my coffee: with milk. So I found almond milk (so expensive!) and soy milk (I’m not a fan) standing next to something much cheaper and non-fat-milk-looking:

Bought it together with a bunch of other “normal” products (water, cheese, bread, pancakes) and went home to my coffee (I brought it with me from Poland). Fortunately, I opened the alleged “milk” first. Yeah, that’s not milk. That’s sweet yogurt. It’s quite tasty but there will be no coffee today. And tomorrow I’ll probably just buy a can of hot coffee from a vending machine downstairs (I love vending machines!) because I want to walk around my neighborhood and visit some of my favorite places that are conveniently nearby.
And that’s what google translate tells me about my not-milk:

  • to improve the intestinal environment, established a tone of intestines
  • EE93
  • drink yogurt
  • zero fat
  • it is round, bacteria also lively

Key words: drink yogurt (not milk)

First day in Tokyo

OK, so I was going to post a picture of my apartment slash room slash kitchen yesterday but I was dead tired and went to sleep after going through my suitcase like a lunatic (couldn’t find my towel – I swear I put it on a top when packing) so I have only one semi-good photo of my apartment (= not littered with my stuff). I’m sitting on my bed here so there is also a bed and a clothes rack on my left + a tiny shower room slash toilet. And while I love my A/C unit (trying not to think about its impact on the environment…), I loathe my fridge! It’s making strange noises all the time (kicking it helps but after 10 to 15 minutes it starts yelling again)! I had to wear earplugs to be able to sleep (and slept 16 hours…). BUT I also have a balcony which is awesome bc I will be able to “experience” Tokyo from above while working on my computer (on not-rainy and not-that-hot days).

It’s raining pretty hard today so I’ll probably just stay in and unpack (properly). I also have to learn how to use my air conditioner (my agent gave me a translation of the remote control but it’s still not easy to identify various Japanese characters) AND how to dispose of household garbage in a Japanese way (fortunately, I have a manual in English). I also got a how-not-to-get-mildewed manual because apparently that’s a real threat.

Oh, and I also caught a Pokémon in my apartment because Japanese Pokémon!!


Not frogs

My smiling theory is working! People are nicer and try to explain things to me – in French. Smiling did not make me understand it. So I did what every hungry person who doesn’t know language would do: I bought my dinner at a convenience store of sorts. My feast for tonight:

(yep, Starbucks and squishy thingy – I feel so mainstream that it’s not even funny)

BTW, I saw it, I misread it, and I can’t unsee it:


Everything is in French here. I don’t know even one French word. I feel like a barbarian. Or maybe they make me feel like one when they act oh-so-surprised when I reveal my “no French” weakness. Considering that I’m going to Japan with ever bigger weakness (“no Japanese, no sushi, please give me a fork”), it’s a good exercise. Especially as people tend to get nicer when you smile at them. So, smile mode: on.