Poland is beautiful, too

As some of you know, 10 days ago I spent 4 days hiking in the mountains with my best friend, M. I had been a bit reluctant to go there because of the weather forecasts (= rain, rain, and more rain + temperature around zero promising heavy icing) but fortunately, even terrible dreams about being left stranded on some unknown mountain didn’t cause me to change my plans (I’m actually a bit surprised that I had nightmares like that* – that was probably the first time my subconscious tried to mess with me before journey). Which was great because the weather once again proved to be unpredictable:

This is a 360-degree photo but I don’t know how to post it properly. You can see M. sitting on a railing and my shadow in the corner 🙂

It was probably the best time to visit these mountains: trees and grassy trains in the lower parts of the mountains already brightly colored, crystal clear air due to low (but not too low) temperature, sky so blue that everything looked surreal…

… and snow in the higher parts of the mountains (Winter is Coming)!

Of course I couldn’t resist bringing two jelly drinks from my diminishing supplies of Japanese goodies…

… not to mention taking a shadow-selfie and a shoes-selfie:

I’m pretty sure that I have too many shoes-selfies presenting the same shoes. Well, shadow-selfies show the same shadow, so…

Anyway, this was probably my last overnight trip this year and I feel a bit restless knowing that. But I’ve already got plans for January, February, March, and April/May, so it’s probably time to start saving money and building stamina. And focusing on my studies (I keep forgetting about that).

*My mind should know that when it comes to the mountains, I’m more afraid of ice: several years ago I slipped on ice while descending a rather steep slope and I split my head which was really painful and scary – and a bit humiliating because I did it while trying to shake off a group of loud teenagers and they all saw it. I was young and stupid and didn’t call emergency services (the bravado of youth!), deciding to finish the trail on my own with a makeshift dressing I made using my scarf. The story (obviously) has a happy ending as I reached my destination on my (bloody) own, but have been scared of walking on ice ever since.

Let’s Mountain! ;) 

I love being in the mountains. And I love hiking. So: here I am. 

Me after seeing the first snow this year

I’m visiting one of my favorite places in Poland. And the weather is awesome! Unfortunately, I don’t have my camera with me and that means no quality photos. But I’ll still post some more when I get back (probably on Tuesday), because: it’s October and there is snow! 

“I feel so happy 
I want everyone to see
It’s like the bright circle 
Is shining inside of me”

… or something like that 😉 

No Power in the ‘Verse Can Stop Me

… when I’m wearing my Hulk pants with bunny slippers!


In other words, I’m now a doctoral student learning about philosophy, poetry, and teaching (and science fiction :)), living in a room with no bed, no desk, and no wardrobe (but I have an inflatable air mattress!), having no idea how to combine my studies with being a freelancer AND a traveler (not to mention a geek…), who has just arranged a short stay in London in January and booked a cottage in Scotland for a week in May. So I’m a bit broke. But who needs a real bed, anyway?

(I’m meeting my thesis supervisor on Monday and if he tells me that I should go to that conference in Florida, I’ll have to abandon sleep and start working night shifts in McDonald’s or something.)