Uh-oh. Or: my first Japanese laundry. 

I have no idea what I’m doing. Completely. My agent gave me this nice how-to note:

… but my washing machine has none of these buttons!

Where is the ON/OFF button?!

So I just put everything inside with the detergent, inserted two 100 yen coins and now I’m waiting after the machine auto-started. Hopefully at least some of my whites will survive this.

What’s more, I’m not even sure that what I bought yesterday is a laundry detergent… It has some weird instructions that I don’t get.

I won’t even try using dryers! They look so intimidating!

Basically, using laundromat is the scariest experience I’ve had since coming to Japan (and that’s including one meeting with an enormous cockroach, one typhoon, and several earthquakes)!

OMG, someone has come and is now using a washing machine next to me. I’m watching! I probably look like that:

Hataraku Maou-sama!

Update: I have a very nice neighbor who has just taught me how to use these washing machines AND dryers! Now I know I’ll survive!


Author: strzy-a

Sometimes traveling solo, sometimes with others. Writing about everything and nothing. Mostly to remember.

2 thoughts on “Uh-oh. Or: my first Japanese laundry. ”

    1. Wait till I write about my struggle with 7 categories of garbage 😉 But seriously, nothing beats a good neighbor – and mine turned out to know English very well = no need for GoogleTranslate, yay! Unfortunately, I did not catch his name (it was something like “Home” or “Hom”), so now I call him Mr B205 🙂
      (I’m pretty sure he thought that this was my first time ever doing laundry, so he has a funny story to tell, too ;))

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