And the fox said…

While Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens were the highlight of this Friday, my plan also included a visit in Shinto shrines – Nezu Jinja and Otome Inari Shrine that is adjacent to the former (it’s actually on Nezu Jinja’s grounds).

Inari Ōkami’s shrine is quite important to me. I used to pray here for something that actually came true, so this time I also wanted to pay my respects (and maybe make a tiny request). It’s not that I’m a Shintoist (not sure if there is even such a term), I’m not even sure if there is a term for my set of beliefs. But there are some places where you can just feel the presence of some sort of deity. For me, Otome Inari Shrine is one of these places.

It is also a beautiful place, with vermilion Torii gates warding off evil and statues of foxes, divine messengers.

Update: I’ve just Google-Translated photo of a poster I took: there is a festival in Nezu Shrine on the 18th (Sunday)!


I think it starts at 1 pm. I’ll definitely try to be there!

Author: strzy-a

Sometimes traveling solo, sometimes with others. Writing about everything and nothing. Mostly to remember.

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