Home Sweet Home

It’s so strange to be home. In two days I’m moving out of my small village to a city, so yesterday I built a bonfire. You can’t have these in cities.


To be honest, I don’t feel like moving. I feel like staying cooped up inside, (finally) catching up on the latest SnK chapters, watching some bookmarked anime series, and missing Japan. But that’s just post-trip depression that I get every time I return from my travels. So I’m gonna allow myself half a day of uninterrupted fun (= watching Tiger & Bunny with my cat) and after that I’ll return to the land of the living 🙂

Kotetsu T. Kaburagi from Tiger & Bunny

I don’t have any popcorn but I do have dark chocolate-covered coffee beans. Hello, pure energy!

Stayin’ Alive

So I was going through some photos and I found this (taken in Kyoto):

Pension Mind Games, Kyoto

I bet this is where Moriarty spends his vacation (does he even have vacation?).


But seriously, I would love to know more about the reason behind this name. It seems like something was lost in translation, but I might be wrong. I’ve never made an overnight stop in Kyoto, so maybe someday I’ll stay there and ask 🙂

Also: Japan>Poland jet lag isn’t that draining. Japan>Poland weather change is a bit more challenging, but it’s all right. I’m stayin’ alive 😉

Hello, Europe! 

Within one hour of landing in Paris I had to change into jeans and a hoodie. It’s not cold (not really), but my organism thinks it is and refuses to remember that 20 degrees Celsius is my favorite temperature. 

And I’m still astonished by the fact that everything around here is in French and airport personnel doesn’t know English. This is so weird. 

As is my pronunciation: my English got so Japanesed that I asked for “orangu juicu” and didn’t even notice. (As you might know, Japanese have trouble with words that end in consonants so they add “u” /oo/ or “o” /o/ when pronouncing them: like kissu instead of kiss or pointo cardo instead of point card.)

So long, and thanks for all the fish

Tonight is my last night in Tokyo (for now), so I’ve decided to treat myself to something I’ve never done before: visit in an aqua park. There’s a reason why I’ve never been to one: I’m against caging wild (or not so wild) animals. So I’m a bit ashamed (especially as I enjoyed it). But I must add that this was also the first time I had ever thought that marine wildlife was so ancient, beautiful, and beyond our understanding. I think places like that might contribute to our knowledge about that what lives in the oceans (by making young people want to become marine biologists).

Anyway, my favorite part of this little trip were jellies.


Out of this world!


There was also a dolphin show. Awesome lighting and sound effects.


P.S. To the Polish couple I met at Nakano Broadway: if you decide to go to Epson Aqua Park, go after five pm. Tickets are cheaper and everything looks so much better after dark! Pozdrowienia! 🙂